OFFF Moscow 2021 - Main Titles and Opening Titles

Works by PJ RICHARDSON and Ilya Kazakov at OFFF

The main titles for OFFF were prepared by PJ RICHARDSON, American renowned digital artist, director of animation graphics. He is a co-founder of Laundry (LA, SF), California based motion design studio.

Here's what the author says about creating titles:
“Creating relationships with different creative artists helped to develop all the different ideas in the titles for OFFF Moscow Festival.

Together with Alex Liou & Cisco Torres we really wanna do something different and unexpected – and we said «lets go dark and cinematic»

Constantly trying to grow creatively and evolve especially in this challenging times, and that’s what we showed in our project. Every day we did a piece and put it on Instagram and then just kept refining and refining it on a daily basis.

All the speakers are killer creatives – and we were trying to find a special way to present everyone - so their names appeared in cool glitchy way combined with all other elements.

So, we did the whole thing in a collaborative way, trying to make it as unusual as possible"

The opening credits were created by Ilya Kazakov, and the colorful and unusual characters that became the main characters of the credits were embodied at the festival itself in the form of badges that will remind all participants of the festival for a long time to come.

Two very different and at the same time equally beautiful videos once again reminded the participants that creativity, creativity, beauty and art can be expressed in completely different formats and genres and at the same time will not leave anyone indifferent.

3-4 September, Moscow | OFFF Moscow 2021
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