Artists 2021

Stefan Sagmeister
World known designer
Patrick Thomas
Illustrator, designer
Marco Coppeto
Staff Designer at Twitter
David Vogel
Executive creative director Code D'Azur
Ilya Ruderman
Co-founder of the CSTM Fonts font studio and font store
Polina Zakh
Vice President of Sila Sveta Studio
Wade & Leta
Designers couple from New York
Ekaterina Solomeina
Disigner, art-director, founder of Future London Academy
Joel Gethin Lewis
Interactive Creative Director at Universal Everything
Ivan Poupyrev
Award-winning inventor, scientist and designer. Director of Engineering at Google
Oleg Trofim
Writer, director, producer
Andrey Drobitko
Artist, researcher of immersive technologies for the development of creativity. Founder of
Ellen Sheidlin
The ideologist of a new direction in art - survirtualism
3-4 September, Moscow | OFFF Moscow 2021
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