OFFF the record podcast from maildesign

The community of designers Group expands the format of the OFFF MOSCOW festival and helps it to go beyond two days of unique content.
During the main OFFF program, the season of the OFFF the record podcast about art, design, technology, the future and taboo subjects will be recorded with speakers and participants; about what, as a rule, you won’t  hear from a large stage.

OFFF the record [by maildesign] format - not for printing, confidential, not official and not subject to announcement.
Its participants will be the speakers of the festival and the invited design leaders:
Sergey Gurov, Evgeny Yarovoy, Sergey Kondaurov, Seryozha Popkov, Sasha Kovalsky, Natasha Klimchuk, Yura Vetrov, Dmitry Aske, Andrei Drobitko, Vlad Sitnikov and Ivan Pupyrev.

Right after the festival, listen and watch the podcast on the YouTube channel maildesign and all podcast platforms.


3-4 September, Moscow | OFFF Moscow 2021
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