Speakers from Russia will speak at OFFF Barcelona

The Digital Design and Art Festival Returns - OFFF Barcelona Runs Online May 3rd - 8th

May 5th Russian speakers will perform on the stage of the virtual space OFFF Barcelona under support of Skillbox and Bang Bang Education.

Polina Zakh is the vice president of Sila Sveta Studio in New York. Polina and her team create 3D mapping, laser programming, interactive installations and other outstanding designs. Polina's remarkable projects include curating visual effects for the famous hip-hop artist Drake Scorpio's tour, the Met Gala interactive event, visual effects for Cardi B's performance at 2019 BET Awards, visual effects for Alexander Wang's Spring / Summer 2020 fashion show, and visual effects for Ian Schrager's EDITION hotels worldwide.
Maxim Zhestkov is a designer and director, an independent artist at Zhestkov.Studio and co-founder and creative director of Media.Work, a design studio that explores new visual ways of communicating ideas: both independently and in collaboration with ambitious brands such as Sony, Lexus , BMW, Nike, Adidas, IKEA, Amazon.
In his artistic work Maxim uses digital tools to study the principles that shape our environments, societies and universes  - physical or digital. Combining basic geometric shapes - points, spheres and planes - he builds complex systems that exist according to the rules of the real world.

Speakers will share their stories live in the Open Room, which is free for all guests and participants.

3-4 September, Moscow | OFFF Moscow 2021
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