New visual style of OFFF Moscow 2021

We are pleased to present the visual style from Sergey Gurov

OFFF Moscow now has its own unique visual style, which you can see on the venue of our event

"Wish for strange" - a jump into the unknown and inexplicable, a combination of the incongruous and the opportunity to rethink things familiar to everyone. Here is what Sergey Gurov, the creator of visual style, says in his manifesto:

We are the community of designers, thinkers, theorists, developers, professionals and students and we believe that the design object is not only a tool, but also a subtle guide to impressions, from which our common and personal experience is woven. - This is “the door” to new living spaces. We believe that our curiosity is an internal impulse to move into the unknown and strange. 

Strange cannot be described by the criteria of previous experience and therefore requires understanding and expanding the boundaries of knowledge and feelings. 

Strange is an abstract image, the outline of which exists only in the future. And the ability to bring this image to wholeness and expressiveness is our main ability and function. 

Strange is “an apple” from the tree of knowledge that we tear down to give to our neighbor.

Strange is the shadow that the future is cast into the present, and in this shadow you can take a break from adulthood, returning the illegality of the childhood perception of the world around you. The weirdness is our humanity and love for people. 

Wish for strange!

3-4 September, Moscow | OFFF Moscow 2021
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