Headliner OFFF afterparty - Antokha MC

Afterparty OFFF will be held at the "Profsoyuz" bar association

«Profsoyuz» at the Mendeleevskaya is a large space with 17 bars, based on the concept of the "Ruin Bar Quarter" in the center of Budapest: 20 years ago, restaurants and cafes were opened in dilapidated buildings in the capital of Hungary. In the space of 17 bars, 800 seats, 1700 square meters.  «Profsoyuz» was designed in an industrial style: inside - high ceilings with open beams, a large fountain, carpets, neon lamps. 

The unusual combination of different styles of different institutions continues the atmosphere of our festival and does not allow it to fly away for a long time. An electric, unusual combination of appearance and ambience that will bring together the most important OFFF sensations. Russians and foreigners, designers and artists, professionals and amateurs - everyone can feel this warmth around.

We invited the famous hip-hop artist Anthoha MS, known for tracks such as "Quit Tobacco," "Bom," "Heart Rhythm”, in order for the evening to be truly unforgettable. 

Access to the afterparty is already included in the cost of the offline-ticket.

Start - 21.00
Headliner - 22.00

3-4 September, Moscow | OFFF Moscow 2021
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